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A Career Résumé & Writing Service

Welcome! to A Career Résumé & Writing Service.

Our goal is to find out where you have been, where you want to go and to get you there.

Our highly qualified writers have been writing people's past for a brighter future since 1988.

You can think of us as your personal marketing company because we know how to package people. We are aware that in the world of work you are a product and we present all of our clients so employers are interested in buying. That's what getting the interview is all about.

We also know that you play a role in getting yourself where you want to go, and we will teach you how to have fun while paving the way to your continued success, your road to success, your dream job or whatever your heart and/or pocketbook truly desires.

We are the experts.
Our résumés get attention.
Call us today for your free consultation and talk to a professional writer.

Getting you the job you want is our joy and our business. We take it seriously.

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"Our Résumés Get Attention"
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