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The "write" words make things happen!

You are not alone. Most people experience those times when they wish they had the right words, but can't find them, to get their message across.

Words can transform the hearts of the people who read or hear them. That is why in 1994 we established "Love Letters by Cyrano" a writing service for everyone that was featured in THE BUFFALO NEWS, and on Channel 7-WKBW-TV Western New York Live in February 2003.

We help people sort out and write out what's on their hearts.

Other services include business letters, and any genre (category) of letter writing, as well as speech writing for social events and special occasions

We also provide published and professional writers for other needs (see About the Writers)

Finding the "write" words can build a bridge that gets your point across and takes you places.

IT"S ALL CONFIDENTIAL. No one will know you had a little help, but if you want to tell a loved one you used our service, they might be flattered to know it meant that much to you to hire a professional to get your thoughts down clearly. Anyone else will know you did business with us because you mean business.

Come and see us. We'd like to help.

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